Don’t pollute your home while you are cleaning it!

Depending on how spotless you like your house to be, you, your cleaning lady or professional cleaners could be scrubbing the place down anywhere from once every few days to once a year. That’s a lot of cleaning products and, if the products used are not eco- or human-friendly, a lot of off-gassing and indoor air pollution.

At Kiwi Clean, we make sure that when we clean your carpets and air ducts, remove mold or remediate water damage, we use only green cleaning products and methods that won’t endanger your family members, pets or our technicians.

Besides impeccable cleanliness and safe cleaning methods, you can also expect from Kiwi Clean:

  • Experienced cleaning pros who underwent a thorough background check (we won’t let anyone into your house who we wouldn’t let into ours)
  • High-quality work completed in a timely manner (a technician will call you before arrival)
  • Straightforward fees, accurate quotes and no hidden charges
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail

Call us to get a free estimate on our professional cleaning services. Let’s make your home spotless again!van